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Über Santa Fe Relocation Services GmbH

Santa Fe Relocation Services first German office opened in 1967 to meet growing demand in the Relocation industry. The firm has been proudly providing moving services in Germany for over 50 years and continue to offer an extensive list of services both to individual and corporate relocations.

Robert-Bosch-Strasse 15
85748 Garching bei München


Am Anger 2, 91052, Erlangen
+49 173 5499 256
Hauptstrasse 7, 14979, Grossbeeren
+49 33701 213
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3 aus Sirelo Bewertungen
33% der Nutzer empfehlen dieses Umzugs​unternehmen weiter.
Diese Umzugsfirma erhält eine Bewertung von 4,6 aus 3 Bewertungen auf anderen Plattformen.
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there were no professional movers.
They did not close the boxes with tape and some items broke.
No reimbursement possible as no inventory was made by the moving company nor when they took our stuff in Germany neither when they gave us everything in Spain. No sheet for us to claim afterwards.
I could write more inconvenients but I don't want to bore people with more details
very expensive
Von Gauting-Unterbrunn (Deutschland) nach Madrid (Spanien) umgezogen.
First time used them to move from Germany to India for a company project. Very intransparent and false statements given by Santa Fe. Finally when I wanted to move back to Germany, they told me that the same things will have different weights!?? Thats so strange because the weight and size shouldnt be subjective, it should be measured. The problem is that they get paid for more weight and more volume. Therefore the target is not to pack things efficient. The target is to get more money from you by exceeding weight and size limits and not proper packing (for example not de-assembling an office chair or not to reduce the size of a bike before packing). Lot of discussions needed to get proper packing material. Please stay away from that company!
Trying to cause more weight and more space
Von Berlin (Deutschland) nach Bangalore (Indien) umgezogen.
They communicated really well, some of the companies you resell spammed me with huge docs, some was rather good that was in the UK but they were a bit more expensive. It was hard to navigate.
Von Fürth (Deutschland) nach Brisbane (Australien) umgezogen.

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