A moving price comparison by getting moving quotes

Are you looking for a professional moving company and the price should also be right, among other things? Then you have come to the right place! By comparing moving prices, you can significantly reduce the costs of your move. In this article you will find professional moving companies with a good price-performance ratio that will make your move stress-free.

Why Moving offers?

With the help of the moving price comparison , we do the work for you. First, because you will not incur any costs. Secondly, because you get various moving offers that not only save costs but also a lot of time. It is advisable to compare these moving offers that meet your search criteria, because a professional moving company is certainly the most convenient way to transport your belongings to the new apartment.

What else you should consider:

But please remember that the moving price comparison only gives you an overview of what transport costs are concerned. In addition, there may be other additional costs that are hidden. These hidden costs can be brokerage costs, renovation costs for the old and/or new apartment, re-registration fees and rent deposit for the new apartment.

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What a move can cost and the differences between the moving offers

We cannot give a general answer as to how much your move will ultimately cost, as there is no standard moving price list . Every move is different and can have different costs. We have summarized the most important things for you below :

The biggest cost factors affecting your price are the size of your move and the distance between the old and new locations. You can find out exactly how these factors affect your price on the Moving Costs page .

Are the cost factors the same abroad?

The answer is yes, although you should consider more abroad . You can read all the important information in the article  international relocation costs .

Moving offers for a container move

The cost of a container move depends on where you are traveling to and what size container you need. You can find out more about this on the Container Moving page .

Note: Did you know that you can deduct part of the moving costs ? In fact, the tax office will help you here! We advise you to pay attention to tax advantages here .

Relocation request – how does it work?

We have now given you plenty of information on the subject of moving price comparison, but how does it all work?   First you need to fill in your moving details and contact details in our inquiry form. As soon as we have received your inquiry form, we will determine the best moving offers for you. You will then receive up to 5 suitable offers from moving companies from us and then you can select a company that you have decided on.

relocation offers

Before you choose a moving company, research the companies and see how their services are rated by other users. We recommend a moving company with a good rating rather than the cheapest offer.

Tip: Having trouble finding an international mover? We have the best international moving companies in 2020 for you here.

Get moving quotes and move cheaper

Did you know that you can move cheaper using the moving price comparisons and thus save a lot on your wallet? Even if you find many moving companies with a good price-performance ratio through your own research, we would advise you against it. How so? In fact, you can find cheaper deals, but are they reputable moving companies or are they more of a black sheep? Therefore, obtaining various relocation offers is very ideal. Another option would be to do your move on your own with the help of friends and acquaintances who will help with your move.We recommend using this alternative if your new apartment is around the corner and you don’t have to travel halfway around the world with your moving boxes!

In conclusion

Well, then nothing can go wrong, right? We hope that we were able to help you with this information on the moving price comparison. The following articles might also be of interest to you.